The 2011 Memorial Ploughing Match was held on Sunday 3rd April at New Wolverton Farm, Atherfield, by kind permission of Mr and Mrs Williams.  This was the third year of the match, and by far the most successful.  The attraction of the seven team of Heavy Horses attracted lots of spectators and it was a truly fantastic day out for the whole family.
  A total of 73 ploughmen all paid a minimum donation of £5 to enter the match and the entry fees came to £623.00.  The total from the day includes donations on the gate when people came in (and some were so pleased with the day they also donated on the way out!!), sale of raffle tickets and "The Leverets" selling tea, coffee and cakes (ALL the money which "The Leverets" took was donated to the EMH), plus a little extra that was left over from sponsors of the event (to enable me to make a nice round figure for the cheque) was an outstanding £3877.00

A total of £4500.00 has been sent to 

the Earl Mountbatten Hospice.

  We do not give prize money at the MPM but each of the winners are given an Earl Mountbatten Hospice Lottery Gift Voucher.  This gives them the chance of winning a prize in the EMH Lottery.  Last year this Lottery raised over £100,000 for the EMH.  Our total prize money gift vouchers was £845.00.  This means that a massive £5345.00 has been given to the EMH.

  Photos have been downloaded to Photobox Gallery for you to look at and also order online.  A proportion of the money from any photo's ordered will go to the Earl Mountbatten Hospice. 

Karen Sheath,
Oct 12, 2011, 12:55 PM